35 million Americans have never left the state that they were born in.


The Un-Adventurers is a three-part, long-form television series that follows people on the adventure they’ve spent their entire life avoiding. While most of us take travel for granted, 1 in 10 of the U.S. population have never left their home state. So, we decided to get them out of their comfort zone to discover the power of travel firsthand.


From the driveway to the state line and beyond, Hyundai aims to make people's lives a little better. Whether it's helping them discover what they're missing out on or embracing the shared human stories along the way. Hyundai is more than just a vehicle that gets people from A to B, but rather a partner that gets them to where they want to go.

Un-Adventurers Case Film

Episode 1 Ocean Meet Porsha

Episode 2 Stacking States & Stacking Plates

Episode 3 Reigniting The Fire